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1. Why should I use a real estate agent?

It has become very easy procedure to purchase a property in Turkey nevertheless it is essential that every prospective property buyer should be very careful and get advice from a specialist licensed real estate agent.

One should not be surprised to see that the prospective buyers who did not act carefully and chose to use intermediaries such as waiters, leather dealers in the cover of friendship and hospitality or unlicensed agencies without references have been cheated and misinformed either on the prices or the documents of the properties they have purchased. Experiences of such generally end up with buyers not having the Title deed registered on their names or being overly charged. Unfortunately, stories on cases with people experiencing such unfortunate events are often presented in the media as an entire buying experience in Turkey which in reality is the result of the individuals’ decision to purchase without using licensed real estate agents.
It is highly recommended to use a registered and licensed Real Estate Agents and with license and check upon the references.

2. What is the advantage of buying property in Turkey?
In 2005, Turkey has started negotiations to become a member of E.U. and that gives the investors to double and even triple their investment within few years. Real estate prices are still very attractive in comparison with E.U. countries; take your chance to make a good investment for your future. And with the last changes in the regulations on property ownership for foreign citizens, buying a property is a lot simpler now and living cost is incomparably cheap compared to the majority of European countries. The investors and buyers who started buying properties in 2003 have been able to earn minimum 20% per year over their capital investment.

3. How is buying procedure in Turkey ? 
Please see the buying procedure at “Buying Procedure’’ headline of our website 

4. Do I have to appoint a solicitor to take care of all the legal procedures?
We are taking care of all the legal and financial procedures (checking documents of the property, taking care of all applications, carrying out payment transactions, etc) on your behalf and make sure that your buying experience is easy and truly safe with no additional costs. 
Should you request to hire a solicitor, we are again helping you to hire a solicitor from the reference list of the foreign Embassies to make your buying procedure comfortable. 
This is a very subjective decision you need to make, whatever your decision is our duty is to serve you efficiently and to provide you a valuable support to make the buying process run smoothly.

5. Future of Turkish Property

The Law Article of Title Deeds
Kanun Numarası : 2644 -Sayfa 5 / 1440
Yabancı uyruklu gerçek kişiler merkez ilçe ve ilçeler bazında, uygulama imar planı ve mevzi imar plan sınırları içerisinde kalan toplam alanların yüzölçümünün yüzde onuna kadar kısmında taşınmaz ile bağımsız ve sürekli nitelikte sınırlı aynî hak edinebilirler.

The above is a quote from The Turkish Constitutional Law; header as “The Law Article of Title Deeds” ; decree number:2644 page 5, dash 1440
The interpretation of this is pretty rough as this is the law language in Turkish; but I will give it a try:
“The real and legal persons of foreign nationals can purchase and set up ownerships on maximum10 % of the total available land based in central locations of counties and provinces possessing a planning permission or a similar adjacent-planning permission”
This is the best I can do with the law lingo. Trying to explain it would be easier; the law simply says the non-Turkish can buy only 10% of the land within the planning permission. The “land” here refers to a land with a property built on it as well as an empty land. The property on the land can be a house; a villa or an apartment. Lets say you own a 500 sqm land with garden, pool and garage and a villa. It means you have 500 sqm registered on your name being a foreigner. Also when you have an apartment say of 5 units and you being one of the 2 foreigners in the block; when the block is sitting on a 1000 sqm; the land share law will state you own 200 sqm of that land and the other non-Turkish person would also own another 200 sqm. So there would be a total of 400 sqm of that land registered to foreigners.

In Antalya Province 7.815 km² of land has building permission; this of course includes Kaş and Kalkan. A 10 % of this area would be 781.5 km2 . Although an exact statistical data can not be obtained from the Aegean Army Military Headquarters in İzmir, assumptions are suggesting that only 3 % out of the 10 % is left these days.

What happens when the limit is reached.
Two major impacts on the areas having reached the limit are prone to occur. This is far more easier to explain what will happen in such provinces as Hatay is the first province having hit the limit. A) New pieces of land could be added to the improvement plan therefore planning permission can be obtained by the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, when this happens builders and developers will rush to these lands to buy and built up there as these pieces will have opened a little area within the 10 % limit. B) Only the property already registered in the names of foreigners can be sold to the foreigners. Therefore the future non-Turkish buyers will obviously pay a lot more. And those who have already purchased before the limit breached will obviously sell for a very very good price.  

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