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  • Kalkan Contemporary Living  

    Contemporary Villa with Striking Sea Views

  • Direct Access to the Sea  

    The Boat House is architect designed

    contemporary house with direct access to the sea.

  • Ultimate Luxury Brand New  

    Contemporary Design, Top Quality, Desirable Location...


We have the best collection of Kalkan Property for sale, from One Bedroom Apartments to Luxury Duplex Apartments, from Private Villas to Luxury Villas or Land.


We Are Your Buying Agent and there are Many Good Reasons to use us!

Looking for the perfect new home can be a daunting task.  Your mind is filled with questions that can feel overwhelming at times.  In what part of town should I buy? What type of home would be the best fit for my family? How can I be sure that I've seen everything that might be a good possibility? How do I present an offer? How much should my offer be? How can I be sure I'm getting the best price for the house I want? Your mind will be at ease by using a buyer's agent; these are the reasons why you should...

Reason #1: Using a buyer's agent is completely free for the buyer for the new built properties.
You've heard the adage, "nothing in life comes free." This simply isn't true when using a buyer's agent....it is completely free for the buyer for new built properties! By using a buyer's agent, you get the expertise and experience of an agent who is professionally trained in locating the perfect home to meet all the needs of the client.  In a new built residential real estate sale, the seller pays all commissions for the listing agent and for the buyer's agent.  Therefore, this specialized service comes at no cost to the buyer.  When we help you find a home, we work for you completely free unless it is a re-sale.

Reason #2: Using us as a buyer's agent gives you a vast access to Kalkan Property.
As the buyer's agent, we know what questions to ask you so that we completely understand what you're looking for. With our large portfolio, we are able to find every home available that meets all your specifications (area of town, square footage, number of bedrooms, baths, etc.) We can email these to you and/or have you come into the office to go over the possibilities with you on the computer.  We can let you know as soon as a home that would be a good fit comes into the market, sometimes even before it hits the market.

Reason #3: Using a buyer's agent ensures that someone is on your side with only your best interest in mind.  
When you use us as a buyer's agent you will be explained the relationship a buyer's agent has with a buyer.  It lists the buyer's agent's responsibilities as: following the buyer's lawful instruction, loyalty to the buyer, promoting the buyer's best interests, disclosing material facts to the buyer, maintaining confidential information and accounting for any money they handle in the transaction.  Who wouldn't want this? When we work for you as the buyer's agent, we represent you and work solely for you. 

Reason #4: Using a buyer's agent allows more time for rest and relaxation for you knowing that someone else is doing all the hard work for you.
Once you have secured us as your buyer's agent, we do the hard work for you.  No more surfing on the internet for hours or worrying that you're missing the house that would be perfect for you.  You can spend your time doing the things you enjoy while the search is being handled by someone else who is a professional.  We've helped hundreds and hundreds of buyers with their second home search process.  The more you do it, the better you get.  And I have to say, we're the best!

Reason #5: Using a buyer's agent helps to ensure you are getting your home at the best price possible.  
We can take you out and show you the listings, tell you the past history of the home (how long it's been on the market, price reductions, etc.), what it sold for when the current owners purchased the property and present additional comparables.  Having this information ensures that you make a wise and informed decision in choosing your second home AND in deciding upon a price for your offer.  Once that initial offer is presented, the negotiating starts and at this point, you'll want someone who solely represents you (see Reason #3).  No one negotiates better than Kalkan Exclusive Properties (KEP).  The team at KEP Properties will work hard to make sure you get the best deal on the perfect house based on your needs. 

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