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Foreign Buyers To Get Title To Property In ONE Day

A recent revision to Turkish real estate registration process applicable to foreign nationals purchasing property in Turkey will cut the time it takes to obtain title deeds (TAPU) to just one day. This long awaited amendment to foreign nationals’ property acquisition law is now a further boost for Turkish real estate investments from around the globe.

Tapu in Turkey now in one day for foreign buyers. Current law dictates that when a foreign national purchases land and property in Turkey, they should be subjected to military clearance. Effectively, this is whereby the Aegean Army department certifies that the foreign national in question can indeed purchase the property concerned. This is not so much of a check on the credentials of the foreign national but instead a check to ensure that the land upon which the property sits is not located in a military zone. Military zones are restricted to foreign ownership, thus foreign nationals can't register TAPU in a military zone. Effectively, foreign nationals can't purchase land and property in zones declared as military zones in Turkey –there are no military zones in Kalkan.

The new law aims to address these issues and simplify the purchase clearance process. Instead of each foreign buyer making a separate military application for each and every land and/or property they purchase in Turkey irrespective of where they are located, the revision looks at the essence of 'parcel clearance' and suggests that if a parcel has previously been cleared for a foreign buyer, then it stands to be clear for all future foreign buyers. Simply put, it moves the clearance from the foreign buyer to the very parcel (land plot) that the property is located on.

When is the effective date for the new method of military clearance?

Being effective as of 14 October 2013, no military clearance will be required for land and properties, whose parcels have previously been cleared after 5 May 2011.

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