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Choosing the Right Overseas Agent

Estate agents might not always enjoy a fabulous reputation in the UK, but when you buy abroad, it is even more important to find a good agent. Of course you can avoid using them altogether, by buying direct from a vendor or a developer, but a good agent can be the key to finding your ideal property.

So, what can you expect from an overseas property agent, and how do you find a decent one? For a start, the level of regulation differs from country to country and often the sale of property is unregulated. Authorised property agents are bound by professional code of conduct and disciplinary process. Property agents need to be registered and will have undergone some sort of basic training; in others every barman and waiter thinks he is an agent. You’ve all heard stories about dubious practices from agents, but there are equally many great agents out there who are the subject of many happy buyers’ effusive testimonials.

Because you’ll be navigating unfamiliar terrain and processes, and probably won’t speak the language fluently, a decent agent can be a great asset. They can act as an informal translator for you, offer you support and reassurance throughout the whole buying process, and introduce you to the best the local area has to offer.

Of course, remember that many agents are acting for the vendor, in that their commission will be paid by them and not you (do clarify the fee scenario from the start), but a good agent will also strive to provide the best service possible to the buyer. You could of course employ an independent property finder or agent, who will be acting purely on your interests, put this will cost you (often 3% of property’s price, plus possibly an initial search fee or retainer).But, whichever you use, a good agent can provide access to a wide range of properties and save you time and hassle, so how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

Obviously a recommendation from a satisfied buyer is a great thing, but this may not be available, and you need to make your own judgement call. A good agent will spend time sitting down with you to get to know you, and then guide you round a series of suggestions. It’s always wise to determine what you should expect from them from the word go: just what will they help you with throughout the whole process? Will they provide ongoing after-sales support, or will their role in the purchase end once you’ve signed the purchase contract? Do not be afraid of testing the competency of an agent from the very start. Slick marketing spiel is one thing, but how much do they really know about the local market? Do your research and ask specific questions about taxes, healthcare, the rental market etc. They should also be a source of local knowledge, and a good agent should never make you feel you are asking too many questions.

If they don’t know all the answers, they should at least undertake to find out the information for you promptly. As well as advising you on the mechanics of the purchase process, a good agent can also help guide you through alien bureaucratic requirements such as setting up a bank account, getting a tax identification number, and explaining the role of the notary.

Kalkan Exclusive Properties is a buying agent and we work for the buyer, we fulfil all above mentioned duties for our clients. Please come and visit us to in Old Town Kalkan or drop us an email on info@kalkanexclusiveproperties.com

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